How do I make my sub domain point to a node based website?


I’ve got a wordpress website hosted on dreamhost at

I am experimenting with moving part of my website over to a smaller more stripped down website built using a React+Wordpress framework called Frontity.

I know a little react but Frontity builds it’s websites a little differently. As a result I don’t see any index.html in it’s folder structure being injected with React components etc that I can put in the root of my folder. Instead it seems to create a server side rendered html thing using React and output into a file called server.js?

I tried putting /build/server.js into the root of my folder but that doesn’t do anything.

If I try to run the website like I do on my local machine it does not show up.

I’ve never really used a node server before so I’m not sure what I need to do with my dreamhost settings or my server settings to get stuff to work. Any suggestions?


Okay I found this page but not sure how to get the node server to actually run


If you’re using a VPS, then you’d need to activate Passenger to allow Apache/Nginx to run Node.js code:


Sorry I messed up my last post. Yeah I found that page and I enabled it but I still don’t know how to get it to run the node.js code.

The only way that I’ve run Node is REPL, or using a standard create-react-app style react project, in which case there was an index.html that imported all the necessary information that I just ran npm start with.

But with frontity I’m not sure what I’m supposed to run or where it’s supposed to go.

Locally I can run it using npx frontity dev but that puts it to localhost:3000 and on my VPS I don’t think that works.

Running that apparently creates a new bundled file in /build/server.js but if I try to run that using node or I move it to my public folder it won’t work.


Phusion Passenger expects to find an app.js file in the site’s web directory. Possibly renaming server.js to app.js will work? Or maybe you’ll need some glue code in a small app.js?


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