How do I make an custom header with my own image


How do I go about putting in my own image and making an custom header? I want to adjust the height and width of the header…


it would help if you told us a little bit about your website. like if you are using something like wordpress or not. also double posting is not cool. please avoid doing it and just wait for someone to respond. just in case you do use wordpress this link may help point you in the right direction . also learn how to use google.


I found a very easy trick for replacing header images that worked perfectly exactly ONCE. Then… well… I just posted a question about why it isn’t working at all with that other blog I started. :wink: I think I should wait and see exactly what happened before I recommend this particular technique to anyone else! (But wow, it really was easy… sniff…) Learn from me, y’all. If you don’t know WHAT you’re doing, be careful!