How do I know that my URL is correctly configured?

I cannot see my domain, hosting of which I have attempted to transfer to DreamHost. Possibly this is just a matter of propagation delay. But is there any way from my accounts at DreamHost that I can see I have things properly configured?

I had a domain hosted at A and using registrar B.
I wanted that domain to be hosted at DreamHost but still using registrar B.
Following the instructions here, I now have the site at It is ready enough and works at that URL.
However, I did not understand the section “Mirroring A Domain” at the abovereferenced page. I saw no “Mirrored Panel,” and don’t know what mirroring is supposed to accomplish. I figured it is just a temporary fix so I did not pursue it.
The site now being ready enough at the subdomain, I had the domain redirected to the nameservers. I know it takes hours to propagate, but I thought that until the propagation is completed visitors might be directed to the old site rather than the new one. I was evidently wrong about that, as for the past few hours I get the message "…can’t find the server at"
Thus my question, how do I know whether I’m just waiting for propagation, or I have set up something incorrectly at DH and need to fix it?

I’m a fan of to see where the world thinks my site it. Yours comes up with a cannot resolve, so I went to your panel and I don’t see listed anywhere.

You need to add to your panel to start with :smiley:

I set that up a week or so ago. However, I now see it doesn’t appear on the panel. Added it again, three times, and finally it appears. So now I suppose I wait a while to see whether propagation works. Then I may have to ask how the subdomain I set up gets transferred (or mirrored?) to my main domain.

It’s progress. Thanks for your help Ipstenu-DH

After a short while, I saw the “coming soon” page so I knew my site was accessible. I surmised that It might be necessary to copy (or move, but I am cautious) everything from the subdomain to the domain. Having done that, is visible and appears complete. I hope these posts save some future user a bunch of work and worry.

I had the very same problems with my GoDaddy hosting plan. It was such a pain to have to do the same thing over and over until it took. That’s why I came here instead.