How do I know if DNS propagated?

I’m new to the hosting game.

I have namecheap for my domain and I signed up for dreamhost for hosting.

I’ve changed my DNS servers to:

Now, after installing wordpress, I try to go to the site and still get:
“Welcome! This domain was recently registered at The domain owner may currently be creating a great site for this domain. Please check back later!”

Reading other forums, I think the problem is the DNS hasn’t propagated yet. I did this about 12 hours ago, so I’m sure I’ll have to wait longer.

But I want to make sure that I did it right! The site is

Also, how will I know that my problem is due to propagation and not something else? Is there a way to check propagation specifically?[hr]
Additional info:

When I follow the link(s) to set up the wordpress blog I received in the e-mail, the website looks like this:

Server Error in Application "PARK YOUR DOMAIN CMS"
Internet Information Services 7.5
Error Summary
HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found
The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
Detailed Error Information
Module IIS Web Core
Notification MapRequestHandler
Handler StaticFile
Error Code 0x80070003
Requested URL http://localhost:50080/wp-admin/install.php
Physical Path C:\Websites\Park Your Domain\CmsWeb\wp-admin\install.php
Logon Method Anonymous
Logon User Anonymous
Most likely causes:
The directory or file specified does not exist on the Web server.
The URL contains a typographical error.
A custom filter or module, such as URLScan, restricts access to the file.
Things you can try:
Create the content on the Web server.
Review the browser URL.
Create a tracing rule to track failed requests for this HTTP status code and see which module is calling SetStatus. For more information about creating a tracing rule for failed requests, click here.
Links and More Information
This error means that the file or directory does not exist on the server. Create the file or directory and try the request again.
View more information »[hr]
And just like that… it’s working! :slight_smile:

It’s propagated for me. Your WHOIS information is correct, as are the DNS records. I get a WordPress site.

However, propagation varies around the world, so it might not be visible yet for some people. After about a day, you can figure that most people will see it, and after three days, everybody will be able to see it.

Looks good to me also