How do I install Open Media Lending Database?

I would really like to install the Open Media Lending Database, but don’t know how to do so. Can anyone provide me with instructions for installing 3rd party software like this? I’m completely new to dreamhost. is where the information for the software is at.

Instructions here

If you are having problems with these instructions, please be a tiny bit more specific about what you don’t understnad so we can explain.


I see this is an old post but did you ever get around to installing opendb?

Im thinking about doing the same thing. Here are the instruction from thier wiki.

Does anyone see anything in the instructions that may cause me trouble?


I heavn’t installed it, but I glanced over the instructions and see nothing special. Looks like you upload, unzip (or unzip and upload) the files, create a mysql database (through the panel) configure the program to access your database and some other variables, then populate the DB and go for it. That’s all pretty easy and fairly standard for any 3rd party app.

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In case anyone is curious. The install went fine. But it doesnt seem that DH handles the php sessions very well. I cant keep a session active. Ill be trying a work around and Ill post an update.

This particular app requires php.ini to have "register_long_arrays = on” but so far as I can tell this variable is configured as off in the only php.ini file that I could find on the server.

So here is my question. Can I have my own php.ini file? And if so how? What would I need to do?


Yes you can, but you will need to compile a custom installation of PHP.

The wiki article below describes the procedure for compiling your own PHP installation.

There was also a recent forum post explaining how to copy the existing binary from the default DreamHost PHP installation and using that (see link below).


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Option 2 worked fine for me. Thanks for the help