How do I Install Goodies and Create Database?


I want to use Advance Polls and/or Joomla on my website so my understanding is I have to install the software and create databases. When I go to Goodies > One Click Installs, it says to select where I want my software installed but to make sure there are no files there currently. But I already have my website up and running. So I guess I should put the new software in a new folder on my website. Is it OK to just select the domain I want the new software to work on and type a new folder name in the next slot? Will it automatically create the new folder? Will it leave all the stuff that’s already there alone?

I guess I have to create a new database as well. There are three DBs already on one of my domains. (As you can probably surmise, someone else created them for me.) To create a new DB, does it matter what I name it? What is the Hostname that they are asking me to fill in (the default is “mysql”)? What is the First User they are asking me to select? There is currently a dropdown list of three names which are the names of the three databases already created for my other domain.

I know these are pretty basic questions but that’s why I put them in the Beginner’s forum. Thanks for your help.


yes, if you do not create a folder for the install, the on-click will put it in one for you

Create a new database right there in the one-click installer. Name it anything you want.

Your host name will be the a subdomain:

Since databases are on shared servers, you need to make your host and database names unique. Don’t use a database you’ve already set up, unless it’s empty.

Once you get a one-click script at your domain, you will receive an email with instructions on completing the installation (nothing is ever really “one-click” :wink:


Actually, just for clarification, there is no reason you cannot use a database that is already installed but not empty, with both Wordpress and/or Joomla, as the final install steps allow you to add a “prefix” to be used with the tables being created (to avoid conflicts with existing tables that might have the same name).

If that is confusing to the user, however, your advice is spot-on for using an empty database so they don’t break other applications. :wink: