How do I give you money?

Looking for a new host, and received a recommendation for DH.

However I’m somewhat discouraged by the number of threads having to do with delays in response.

Is there a problem with the help ticket process that causes a customer to then have to register on the forum in order to let you know you have a ticket waiting?

Here’s my ticket #: 7705461

Here’s hoping it’s a lucky ticket that gets picked so I can be one of your lucky customers… :wink:

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Manual account approval is the worst bottleneck dreamhost appears to have. Manual approval occurs when something isn’t quite perfect with the info you entered. Manual approval is operated by a Dept that only operates during business hours mon-fri.

Thank you for that ticket#! I was able to get it escalated over to our approvals team and they will look into it first thing Monday Morning. While we do offer 24/7 technical support specialty departments like Approvals are available Mon-Fri 8am til 6pm PDT

Matt C

yes i agree. if you want to buy hosting on week ends then you will have to suffer.