How do i give access to webdevelopers to my account safely?

So I have multiple sites uploaded into my dreamhost panel. I have recently been having web developers work on my site and I want to know what is the best way to give them access to my account so that they can upload full websites and make changes without giving them full access to my dreamhost panel.

thanks in advance

Just give them the credentials for the SFTP user that controls the domain (this is all that’s necessary to access the filesystem).

Slightly more complicated way I have used in the past, I once had a developer working on a plugin for a WordPress site. I did not know the developer, just met them online. So, rather than giving up any of my admin passwords:

created a new sftp user,
and added new user to a group.
added my sftp user to that same group
changed permissions on the plugin folder to include that group, and made it editable by group
mad a symlink in the new users folder to that plugin folder

Then I was able to give the developer the Username and Password for that new user. All he had access to was the one plugin folder. Worked fine, and I could sleep at night.