How do I get rid of the "index.html/index.html?

I need to get rid of the “index.html/index.html/Home.html” after the .com in my domain name when displaying the complete domain name in the url address field of browsers.

Here is my specific case . . .

I’ve registered with Dreamhost

When you punch in into a browser address field it takes you to . . .

I want it to simply read . . .

How do I do this? I’m sure this has a lot to do with my ftp client and how I’m naming files in it.

I’m using cyberduck as an ftp client and iWeb to design my site.


It’s not so much related to your ftp client, but is is very much related to the way iWeb does things.

iWeb has a “quirky” way of structuring your “website”, and it is really designed to work well with the whole “.mac” experience. I’m not an expert with it (don’t use it) but I have seen many “guides” to using iweb on “non-.mac” hosts on the web (just Google for one of them), and IIRC, there are some well-documented workarounds you should become familiar with.

In fact, there is another thread in this forum where a user had a similar problem, and it contains a link to such a “guide”.

Here is the “unborken” link from that thread (it is also in the google result I linked above):

Tips for Using iWeb with non-.Mac Servers

As you browse some of those Google results, you might end up agreeing with others that iWeb is probably not the best way to go if not hosting on .mac (as one says, “it isn’t pretty”). I suggest you take a look at NVU or KompoZer for a “good” WYSIWYG html creation tool if you are comfortable with iWeb but want to host on a non .mac server.


Hey --rlparker,

Thanks for writing to me. You’re right on target. iWeb is cool in that you don’t have to know any code to build a website with it, but it presents all sorts of problems when you don’t host through .mac.

I intend to move over to Dreamweaver eventually (lot’s to learn first), but in the meantime I guess I’ll just live with the weird url.

I’ll definitely look into NVU and KompoZer.



You are most welcome, and I’m glad you found some of my reply useful.

DreamWeaver is a good tool (though a little expensive for my tastes), and you can do nice things with it once you learn your way around it. You are likely to find NVU and/or KompoZer a little easier to get your head around (and a lot less expensive - it’s pretty hard to beat “free”).

Until then, you really don’t have to “just live with the weird url” if you don’t want to, as it can be fixed! If you want to try that, look through some of those lilnks, and try to follow the ppost where the other user had the same problem, and you can “republish” your site from iWeb in such a way that you can upload it to the correct home directory for your site and eliminate the weirdness.

Of course, it will still work the way it is, so you may or may not want to mess with it! :wink:


Also, is it possible to just go into webFTP and do a move from the last html directory to the main page? When I put up I sent up a .rar file that was compressed. Support was sweet to unzip it for me, but in that process it created another folder called scottieluvr-web and put all the files and folders in there. i simply went to that folder, selected ALL (one click on the left) and choose MOVE. I was asked where to move to , so I chose the original folder, where I wanted them in the first place. After the move I simply deleted the scottieluvr-web directory and all its files/folders and all was good. I even deleted the .rar file as it was not needed. ALL the stuff I upload is here on the computer. ALL editing is done here on the computer, or my wife’s computer for her stuff, and then uploaded on a “as-needed” basis.

We use Frontpage 2003 for our main web design and creator.
I also have NVU and Kompozer (which is a bug fixed NVU edition). They are very powerful, user friendly, and I would not hesitate to use them. Only drawback is their lack of templates to start with. Other than that, I don’t think there is much you can’t do with them.

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Yep, the “moving directory” process is part of what could be done (either the way you described, or from within the shell with “mv”), as well as certain renaming/copying operations, but it is my understanding the it might not be that simple with the iWeb sites that the OP was talking about.

If, for instance, all the links in those pages are not “relative”, or use the “borked” path structure, you could “move” the files easily enough and get the index page to display when you browsed to “http://mysite.tld/” or “http://mysite.tld/index.html” and still have broken links from within the .html page (depending upon what iWeb did to them). As I’m sure you niticed, you can have the same issues with FrontP*ge sites. :wink:

I agree with your assessment of both NVU and KompoZer - good stuff, IMHO. True they don’t come with the “themes”, but there are so many good “free” site templates around nowdays, that I think that is less of an issue than it was years ago.


If you haven’t already, create a file called .htaccess in your website’s directory and try adding a line in the following style:

DirectoryIndex folder1/folder2/filenameIwanttobeindex.html

All this basically does is make it so when someone types in your website, it looks for the file you specify as index, in the above example folder1/folder2/filenameIwanttobeindex.html

I don’t completely understand your problem, but I think that may be what you want.

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Also, when you link back to the main home page from other pages, use something like Home instead of Home, so that the user doesn’t wind up with the “index.html” in the URL in their browser.

– Dan

Currently you’ve got the page at meta-refreshing to the real home page, which is a clunky way of doing things… you’re really better off putting the actual home page in the default index filename so it comes up directly at your domain name with no filename appended.

– Dan