How do I get groups to work?

I’ve checked the web panel and the kbase, but can’t find info on just how to use them. I’ve got a folder (subdomain) inside my root which now has another user assigned to it, but I can’t use my account to access it. So I created a group with the other user and I. Now I’m trying to figure out how to assign permissions of that folder to the group. How do I do that?


chgrp [groupname] folder
(you can use ‘-R’ if you want to chown all the files / directories inside ‘folder’ recursively).

You should also do:
chmod g+s folder/ (and all the other folders), or better:
find folder/ -type d | xargs chgrp g+s (this won’t work if the files have spaces; in that cause use find folder/ -type d -exec chgrp g+s {} :wink:

This will make it so that new files created in folder/ will have the same group as the folder itself.

ahh. I was hoping for some easy GUI to do it with. now that I know this, I think I’ve got a friend that can help me.


If you are just trying to assign group permissions for a file or directory, you may be able to do that through your FTP tool. For example, WS_FTP on Windows allows you to set user, group, and other privileges through a GUI. However, I don’t think it allows you to change the group. At least not in the free version I have. As Will indicates, you may need to use chgrp from a shell.

If you need to set permissions for a lot of files or directories, I would follow Will’s recommendation. The shell is your friend, just a cryptic little friend who speaks what seems at first to be a bizarre language from an Eastern European country suffering from a severe vowel shortage. And with lots of inconsistent abrvtions.