How do I get a forum with user management up and running

I’m looking for an easy way to add forums on my website with user management. I obviously want to avoid allowing bots and spammers access so having a sign-up with captcha and email verification would be preferred and only these users should be allowed on the forums. Security and privacy are paramount for my site even to where I can’t ever access user profile information. Speaking of which, user profiles would be nice, doesn’t have to be fancy. Obviously I’d like the forums to match my site’s theme but it isn’t required. Any help, tips, tricks, advice, links to guides, etc would be greatly appreciated.


If you want something that can be incorporated directly into your Wordpress site, take a look at one of the WP forum “plugins” such as Asgaros.

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Thanks, I will give it a look. Appreciate the reply.

If you aren’t restricted to a WordPress forum, XenForo is well regarded and well supported and – most importantly – it looks nice.

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