How do I generate a simple 'sitemap'

A client wants a ‘sitemap’ generated for a web site. Why? Because some blowhard ‘expert’ friend they know is now giving them ‘advice’ about their vacation rental web site. The ‘expert’ says ALL web sites MUST have a sitemap or Google won’t search the site. Uugh.

I found a Python script that generates a sitemap, but the configuration, installation, etc. seems too complicated for the simple thing I want to accomplish. All I want is to list five URLs to help search engines access the site. (

Is there an easy way to write an html file or xml file that will accomplish the same this without spending all day doing it?

Google provides his own sitemap generator, also on python… really used 2 times, get some configuration also, but get his job done, why no try it?

[Edit] I just noted that is the same generator that you posted… yes it take a lot of configuration but maybe the explanation on the URL I post is better than the comments on the python code, also if you had problems maybe we can help you :smiley:

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While that’s not necessarily true, Google does recommend them and helps you get it done, so there’s really no reason not to.

Since anything related to real estate is highly competitive, it’s crazy to not do every little thing that can help.

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After you run the script, go through the xml file and make sure there isn’t anything listed that you don’t want listed by google.

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Alternatively try

If its a static site with just a few pages, why not just handcode the sitemap? This is what I ended up doing in that situation… here’s some example code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> monthly monthly

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