How do I force UTF-8 on an uploaded text file?

software development


When I upload text files I get many strange characters. Like: │  ├──

Googling for answers it looks like a UTF-8 thing (could be wrong?) But I don’t know how to fix it or what to do. Is there a way to simply force UTF-8 for specific files? I tried adding “AddDefaultCharset UTF-8” to the .htaccess of the affected directory but it didn’t seem to change anything. Any ideas?

*I uploaded the text files to my domain hosted by Dreamhost using the FireFTP Firefox Add-on (with file transfer set to Automatic Mode, then again with ASCII Mode).


Where are you seeing the characters? In the shell? Then you’ll need to set your locale settings. In your browser? Then you’ll need to set the http header for utf-8 (

Can you confirm that the file is being sent to the browser as utf-8?


Twas in browser. As per your link I was able to fix by adding “AddCharset UTF-8 .txt” to the parent .htaccess file.

Spent an hour trying to figure that out before posting here! Thanks mate :wink: