How do I fine my FTP log in info?

After many moons, my subdomain has vanished yet again.

This is caused by a mystery folder named Guitar being created in my directory tree.

I must delete that for my site to become viewable by readers.

But I do not remember what my FTP log in name PW and port should be.

I tried Port 22, suggested in other threads, and I used my log in for my Word Press control panel, and I tried my DreamHost log in credentials.

They did not work.

How can I find out what my FTP log in is?

Thanks! My site has been down for days while I was on vacation and just now found that out.

Login to your DreamHost web panel, click on “Users”, and then click on “Manage Users” in the drop-down menu.

I can access your main site at without any problems, however.

This is actually a good thing. Those should all be separate logins, with separate users and passwords.” is a directory, not a subdomain, btw. That directory exists, but has no content. I’m not sure about the mystery folder, however.

Thanks. I was able to get in and delete the rogue folder that redirected the site.

Yes, the main site works, it is the guitar site that does not come up.