How do i find out what os my server is running?

I’m assuming that dreamhost is running some kind of unix.
but how can i find out exactly what os and version is running on my shared server box?

I always go with ‘uname -a’ and this wiki entry:


thank you scott.

I’m putting together some documentation about a site I’ve worked on and also need to document the hardware the site is running on. I think its a bit silly to need to do that, but thats what they want. Any idea how i can find that out?



For the hardware cat /proc/cpuinfo
free -m for the memory and swap

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

It’s not all that silly in many cases, but certainly is so when the software is hardware-independent. There are a not-insignificant number of sites running software that’s written in C++. In such cases, the program can be OS and even CPU dependent.

For instance, at the company I work for, we have this one server application that has an AMD-specific dll compiled into it.

But I agree that in most cases, the hardware is irrelevant.

OTOH, are they just talking about the class of server you’re running on so they can get an idea of how much horsepower they need?

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When will we have something which is totally independent??? That will make developers lives much easier.

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It’s the developer that decides to make something HW dependent, not the language.

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Though there are many languages out there where you have to try pretty hard to make your program hardware dependent. :slight_smile:

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