How do I edit my page?


OMG, DreamHost is becoming NightmareHost.

Now that I have my url hosted by DH, I’m unable to edit the page at all. I’ve deleted everything (as far as I can tell) and the blogger template I had when the page was hosted by godaddy (and forwarded to my blogger page) is still there. How is it that the page is still forwarding to google when it’s now being hosted DH? I am losing my mind here…


As I said in your previous thread:

When you change your nameservers the change is not seen instantly. Please wait.

Also why would you call dreamhost NightmareHost? maybe it’s your level of understanding that is causing the problem?


I must say I empathize with Tortoise’s frustration. The DreamHost interface is kind of nightmarish for those of us who are new to this.

I just installed Wordpress and, after an hour’s worth of searching, see absolutely no way to gain access to my site to edit the pages. For whatever reason, the template I’m using does not have a “login” box, so I figured I’d find a ready point of egress through the DreamHouse web panel. But none that I can find. At this point, the search is about to give me chest pains.

Why isn’t there a button under “Manage Domains” that says “edit my site” (or words to that effect). They’ve got buttons for all kinds of arcane technical functions. Why not a button for the most basic, universal function? Must DreamHost really make things THAT opaque?


This isn’t a dreamhost function, it’s wordpress.




Thank you!