How do I download old-messages?

I would love to be able to download everything in my old-messages folder with Outlook (or any mail client that can). While I can see and search these messages via webmail I’d love to get them on my computer.

Does anyone know how to do this or could anyone point me in the right direction toward how to do this?

I’ve searched the wiki but it seems a bit more limited then the old knowledge base.


I don’t think you can download the old messages(/emails).

If you wanna back up your old emails, you can try this. go to DH panel --> Mails --> Manage Mails:

Enable “will be delivered to these email addresses”

in the textbox, key in an email address. Note you should key in at least two email addresses. One is the one you want to forward the emails to. The other one is the same email address so that the server will forward a copy of email to the same email address.

For example, if the email address is and the backup email address is Key in the two email addresses (note one per line)

Once you set up this, all the emails will be forwarded to you (outlook) and be copied to the email server.

have fun

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Couldn’t you just move them all into your in-box (temporarily) and then grab them via POP3 with outlook?


I just told outlook express to publish old-messages through IMAP.

No troubles.

I think you guys may have heard me say before that IMAP ROCKS.