**How do I create an ftp account**

Hi, due to the bad(imo) dream host control panel I cant find where to create a simple ftp account for someone else to upload to e.g. doorsteppa.com/files2/ .

i just want sum1 to be able to access a directory e.g. “files2” with a user/pass

Users > Manage Users -> Add New User

Then you would need to use Remap Sub-dir to remap http://doorsteppa.com/files2/ to /home/newuser/files2 (DO NOT REMAP to the home directory /home/newuser)

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thnx, i love u…not in a gay way O_o

hmm it didnt work, i want the files ppl upload to be able to be moved by me around my account, to host on different domains folders, thats possible right?

heres more detail, i have 2 domains on my account at the moment, “uploadcrap.com” and “doorsteppa.com” those are on one account called “doorsteppa” and i can access their files from one ftp account at the minute.

that home directory looks like:

i created another user called “publicpassword” and I want to be able to move the files uploaded in this useraccount to the “doorsteppa” one.

why does dreamhost make this soo complicated…they should use cpanel x …

if you create a User/Ftp login and set a specific directory or subdomain to be under it’s control you HAVE to log in as that user to be able to modify the files. It’s the way dreamhost is setup as that user is now the owner of the files and directories. It says that in the wiki somewhere.

The only thing i can suggest is setting up an ftp webscript under your main user where users can upload files (upto 7 mb i think as per DH settings) and you’ll be able to modify those files as you wish via ftp.