How do I contact support?

I have posted a support request, flagged it as emergency and it has been over 5 hours and not a single response. I could understand that if there were other issues, but a check of the dreamhost status page shows there don’t appear to be any ‘fires’.

Even if support does not agree with my classification of this problem, I would have expected a response.

The issue is related to mail messages in my mailbox that I cannot access (or have disappeared) - this is NOT a trivial problem.

So, I want to escalate and actually phone someone. Guess what? There is no way I can do this. Can anyone suggest how I can make direct contact with support?

I’m not sure if DreamHost has the policy of responding to support requests saying that they’re actually looking into a problem. I think it might be the case that the first response you’ll get is them is after they’ve figured out what’s wrong (and likely fixed it).

Others should chime in about this, but I think it does lead to uncomfortable situations like your own.

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Thanks for responding. :slight_smile:

If it is true that they are actually working on the problem, I sure would like to know. If not I assume the worst and feel like I’m let dangling.

As it turns out the problem has just ‘resolved itself’ - I was unable to connect to one of the folders on my mailbox. It is entirely possible this was not a problem with Dreamhost, but still, it would have been nice to hear from them. :frowning: