How do I contact an actual responsive support person?


I’ve been hosting my website here for over 20 years. All I have is a photo gallery. I received a warning that the cache that saves resized images (basically necessary for the gallery to function at all) was a violation of policies and that I had to remove it. They didn’t even send me an email - I just happened to see it on the console. Is there a way to talk with an actual responsive support individual? Every 3 days the person answering my ticket basically blows me off without explanation. I have been running this software for 20 years. Is dreamhost trying to get rid of my type of account by breaking their contract?


Which gallery software are you running (and also, which version)? A cache shouldn’t stay full, and should be emptied out from time to time. If it’s never been cleared, chances are it’s huge and that’s what DH has an issue with?

Also, which version of PHP are you running?


I’m running an old program called yappa, but it does exactly what I want. The cache is to store resized versions of the original images - primarily a 200x300 thumbnail for the index/preview pages, and a 1600x1600 for when you click on a thumbnail. Deleting the thumbnails means that ever time you click on an an index page, my server would have to regenerate 400 small images, which takes forever - renders the gallery useless. The 1600 sized ones are equally necessary, because generating them dynamically is slow at best, and often fails probably due to exceeding my memory quota. So, it is not in Dreamhost’s interest for the cache to be purged. Anyway, today the finally reconsidered. Wasn’t all that big. PHP5 I think. Thanks for your reply.


I can’t find any information about Yappa, so I can’t research it in that direction. Can you point me to where the program can be downloaded (assuming it is open-source)?

Both WordPress and MediaWiki do the same kind of resizing, and DH doesn’t have an issue with them. I’m wondering if Yappa actually stores these resized files elsewhere, and the cache should be cleared periodically, or if the creators of yappa just chose an unfortunate name for this particular directory.

FWIW, PHP 5.6 reached end-of-life support on January 1 of this year. Security fixes are no longer available, and I suspect a lot of hosts are going to automatically start moving sites to PHP 7 for security reasons. If Yappa is no longer being supported, you may want to consider moving to another platform. The only open source gallery software I’m aware of that’s compatible with PHP 7 is Piwigo (I’ve used it; it works and I feel comfortable recommending it, but purge the history table before backing up the database or migrating it). Coppermine Photo Gallery was updated at the end of last year, but I’m not sure if it supports PHP 7 yet. (The development team say that PHP 7 support is coming in version 1.6, but we have yet to see that yet. So Coppermine depends upon insecure software to run. :frowning: ). Just trying to give you a heads-up on this issue.


Many thanks for the great information, I appreciate your help.


I’m guessing this is Yet Another PHP Photo Album, which was last released in 2003.


Correct. Friend has maintained it, updated php previously. Does what I want, nothing is wrong. I CAN move the location of the resize ‘cache’ *currently at root rather than in the program directory where source images are - and can probably even rename it. I run a script to delete any cache images that no longer have a parent image in the gallery.