How do I change mysql fulltext index stopwords?

Anbybody… is it possible in dreamhost?

I’m thinking it’s unlikely you can change the stopwords because they’re system level, and require a server restart to modify. Considering our accounts don’t even allow us to create databases manually, this seems like something outside of our permissions.

Note that full-text search is carefully tuned for the most effectiveness. Modifying the default behavior in most cases can actually decrease effectiveness. Do not alter the MySQL sources unless you know what you are doing.

Most full-text variables described in this section must be set at server startup time. A server restart is required to change them; they cannot be modified while the server is running.

Some variable changes require that you rebuild the FULLTEXT indexes in your tables. Instructions for doing this are given at the end of this section.[/quote]


Thtose are bad news… is there anyway to define stopwords at a database level?