How do i change my Webmail profile image?


Hello. I’m gonna make this short and simple. I have been trying to change my profile picture of my email. I made it one thing and decided to change it but i can’t. I tried customer support but it says to “Log In” and when i do it says its wrong. There is no other thing i could think of than to use this, Well anyways, Please respond as soon as possible. I need answers fast.


Hello Accused,

Are you trying to change this through Atmail or are you using an email client?

If you can provide us with a bit more info then we can assist you better.



Im trying to change my “Dreamhost Webmail” image through the basic settings from the site.


I am sorry but I am not seeing a way to change the picture. Would it be possible for you to submit a ticket from your panel?

Also please include the steps you took to change the picture when you submit an email.