How do I change my webftp password?

In one of the introductory emails I got from DreamHost, it said you could change your default webftp password from the DreamHost control panel. Where abouts do I have to go in the control panel to change it?

Pre-emptive thanks!

Here is the link to Dreamhost Control Panel

Please use your email address and password (those given during sign up procedure) to log in.

After logging in, you can change your password via Edit Profile located in the top right corner.

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I don’t think it’s the Panel password (Edit Profile) that needs to be changed for WebFTP. It’d be the password that belongs to the FTP user that you created.

Try going to the Panel under Users -> Manage Users and edit that FTP user.


Oh sorry, my fault.

To manage FTP users, we should go to DH panel --> Users --> Manage users


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And how do I change the Username or add a new one?

I see: "Create new users or modify existing user accounts. The fun starts HERE!"
and “Users on “…'s Account” (1 / 0 users)”

But actualy no Button or Link…

Thanks for any help!

Users > Manage Users > Add New User

To change details such as passwords:

Users > Manage Users and click on the Edit button to the right of the user you want to change.

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Thanks for the Info, but there is no "Add New User"
Because of (1 / 0 users)? (What does this mean?)

That’s odd. Are you the owner of the hosting plan? If so, is it a standard hosting plan? My Manage Users panel shows nn/unlimited users.


Thanks for the hint!