How do I add name server in

Hello–I’m new to dreamhost (and quite illiterate when it comes to “behind the scenes” website/blog stuff). I have registered my domain name at, and have registered for a dreamhost account. I understand I need to add the three name servers to godaddy, but I’m confused about what to put where. To add a name server, requires info to be filled in two boxes, one for “Host Name” and one for “Points to Host Name.” So does “” go in the “Host Name” box and “” go in the “Points to Host Name” box? Or vice versa? Or something entirely different?


That sounds like you’ve got it. Name is the words, and the numbers point to the name.

Great, thank you!

Did that work??? For me it said that was not the right format… I put in ns1, ns2, etc in both boxes. How do you know if it worked???

GD does a sanity check on name servers. If you look at your domain info there and it lists the DreamHost name servers, then it should work. Do a WHOIS lookup to see if the change has propagated: