How do I add a subdomain for an external dns?


I control three domains, all of them have primary DNS at my ISP. I would like to have them mirrored at a DH location so, if my server goes down, I can simply point my ISP’s DNS to the DH account. Example:

  1. I control
  2. It’s IP is
  3. I want to register on DH
  4. I want to point my ISP’s DNS for www2 to DH
  5. If the servers go down, I want change the DH account to www. and change my ISP’s DNS (both A and MX) to reflect this
  6. Volia! now DH handles mail and web while the server is being worked on.

Please note that I have the ability to update my registrar’s information so the core DNS points to the DH dns server if that would help. But I could only do this IF and when fail over occurs – not before the failure occurs.

Let me know ;>

Sam S.

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