How do I add a Discussion Forum to WP?

Newbie Alert! – I have WordPress as my root site and would like to add a Discussion Forum. Can anyone tell me how to do that and recommend a good one? Thanks!

The plugin bbPress - - is written by some of the same people who do WordPress.

There are some other popular ones:

Thanks for the info. Newbie that I am, I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to do that. The instructions say the following:

1.Place the ‘bbpress’ folder in your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
2.Activate bbPress.
3.Visit ‘Settings > Forums’ and adjust your configuration.
4.Create some forums.
5.View your site.
6.Adjust the CSS of your theme as needed, to make everything pretty.

A million years ago I used C-Panel and knew how to add files to directories, but I’m not even sure how to find the directories on DreamHost. Got a few minutes to give a motivated Newbie a hand?

log into WordPress, go to plugins, and click: Add New
Search for bbPress
install now

Thank you so much! It’s so easy, once you know what to do, of course.

sure thing. we are all learning at some point. I try to keep asking questions and then help others after I know some of the answers

Thanks, sierracircle :slight_smile:

Your welcome. I am still learning , so I often feel like a goof asking a simple question. It’s nice to have forums.

I feel the same way. You will all be sick of me by the time I’m done asking all my questions!