How do I actually launch my site

I am a noob, please help me here.

I have a domain and it’s hosted on DreamHost. I have created a site on WordPress. I tried ftp transfer (using WebMatrix) but because there are no “how to guide for absolute beginners” I possibly didn’t do it right, though files did upload (I think?).

So now what? From all the fluffing around that I have tried to do to get this to work, I can no longer access the WordPress site to do anything (“localhost refused to connect.”)

Please note that I have read all the relevant articles on the knowledge base but I cannot work out what to do.
I have been at this for a week and am just at a loss now.

I am not really sure I understand the post too much, in Wikipedia it says that WebMatrix is an HTML editor, so that is not a Wordpress site.

If I were you I would use Dreamhost installer found in the control panel where it says Goodies>One Click Installs and use it to install Wordpress.

After installation I would take some time to familiarise with how Wordpress works before attempting to build any site for real.

Thank you for replying! I ~just~ managed to get it all working about an hour ago.
I thought I had done the right thing- I did download WordPress and the whole shebang but for whatever reason WP wasn’t letting me log in, nor would it send password reset emails. I ended up following some instructions on resetting the password in phpMyAdmin and that finally got me in. I started over and now the site is active.
I don’t even know how this happened, I guess because everything I read was so complex that I got confused.
I know how to edit sites in WP but this was the first time I had actually set up a site from scratch. Anyway I feel much better now, and thank you so much for your help anyway!

Mods- can this thread be deleted or closed please? I resolved my issue.