How do I activate accounts on phpBB forums?

I have had a lot of trouble getting set up with my phpBB forum and my latest problem is that I cannot create any new accounts for the forum.

I have registered with 4 different user names but if I try to log in with any of these I get the message “The specified username is currently inactive. If you have problems activating your account, please contact a board administrator.”

However, as admin, I cannot see how to activate these accounts. I cannot even see these users in the user list (which currently only contains admin).

Please can you give me some pointers - the help pages seem to be for users not administrators.

When you login to the admin panel using your admin account at the bottom of that first page there is a section called inactive users.

Click the user you want. Then under basic tools theres an option to activate the account.

You should also get an email when an account needs activating which contains a link to the correct page to do it

Thank you.

I can’t see this. I’ve attached an image of what I see on the first page after I log in as admin:

(I don’t know why that image doesn’t display). I haven’t received any emails saying the account needs activating. Initially this may have been because of but the lovely DH customer support people seem to have fixed this.

Down at the botton of the page there is an Administration Control Panel link. You use that to get to the page i was talking about

Oh yes. I’ve just found myself logged out. When I logged in I got a new message and the ACP (rather than the page I posted earlier which was the first page I usually got). I haven’t been able to find the ACP since I had all the problems. Its all now clear to me, thank you.