How Do Amazon Cloudfront And DreamHost Work Togethor?

Hello everybody,

I was hoping to gain your assitance to help me understand how DreamHost and Amazon CloudFront work togethor (as mentioned in the goodies section). I have two questions:

  1. Can using this goodie enable me to have every single file from my website served from Amazon S3, including the index.html page? I want visitors to still see in address bar.

  2. Does Amazon S3 make use of the expires headers? I don’t want users requesting the same image 100 times and then be charged for it 100 times for delivery.

Any additional information you feel I would benefit from is greatly appreciated, as I am fairly confused on how amazon S3 and Dreamhost work togethor, since I have not really used my AWS account much.

Thanks much,


Could anybody tell me anything, even just a little bit of what the advantage is for signing up for this goodie rather than just keeping S3 and Dreamhost accounts seperate?

We’ve got some tools to automatically upload files from a directory on your site to Cloudfront. All the billing and whatnot is still through Amazon — all we do is add a few DreamHost-specific tools.

Ahh ok, that answers a lot. Thank you very much.

Can you tell me how much costs for a small shop Amazon cloud ?