How did my Custom MX records get ERASED!?!

due to having a very unreliable email service from DreamHost, i did what another DH user recommended - i moved my email service to Google’s GAYD.

it was a good one, good interface, functionality; and it was working great until this morning (about 21 hours ago) - where emails sent to it kept bouncing!!!

at first i thought it was Google - but then, how can this continue for 21 hours!?!

i got a whisper from the back of my head - “check out the MX records,” and so i did; and there were NONE!!!


i went to Web Panel, and found out that my CUSTOM MX RECORDS were ERASED!?!


so, i then emailed DH Support - and it has been 30 minutes now, and still no reply…!

so what do i do? probably just wait it out, until the new MX RECORDS get propagated again to the internet. meaning? BOUNCING EMAILS FOR TWO DAYS!!!

why DH? what happened? i tried moving out some service because you become so unreliable, and still problems arise…!!!

here is the reply i got my DH, after about an hour


I’m sorry about the DNS getting reset. :frowning: Sadly there is nothing that
can be done to make propagation go faster than it does. :frowning:

If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know, again
I’m terribly sorry.

Michael P

all i want is reliable email… i wasnt able to get it so i moved it to Google/GAYD, and because of DreamHost, im still NOT getting it…!!!

Did they move you to another server?

I did have this happen once, to one of my sites. I just re-added the MX records and the change was almost instantanious (sic.)

I think my added a records were still there…or, it could have been the other way around.

Are you not able to just add/modify the records again?

[quote]Did they move you to another server?


i dont know… they closed my case before giving me a reason… so i re-opened it again asking for one - still waiting for a response on this one

[quote]Are you not able to just add/modify the records again?


no, i am able to add/modify the records. unfortunately, i only got to know that it was a MX record from DH’s side about half-a-day later [since the issue first appeared], ie., i thought it was a fault from Google’s side. by the time i did get to change the records, there is no defined routes in the internet (basically, my email domain never existed). bummer

Are you saying you have NO MX records at all?

Go to Manage Domains
Select DNS next to the domain in queston

Where it says: Add a DNS record

next to >> Type: (Want MX? Go here!)
Can you select the Want MX? Go here!

There you should be able to (edit) and then manage/change back to your email hosting services records.

Or, I think that Dreamhost support will add those too…some users are iffy about changing the records, and I know support has changed them.

no… i have no problems with changing my MX records because ive done it before, it has been working fine for days now (well, at least until this morning).

the problem is that the Custom MX Record i added some days past got reset to DreamHost’s own MX record, which i dont need for a specific domain…