How did google get this

I renamed a directory ‘gps_save’ and somehow google indexed it. It has search info for:

But the directory was renamed, so has no links to it, and the doc doesnt either. The root directory has a index.html file, so no directory listing is there… But there must be someway to do a listing even though there is a index.html file there? anyone know how?

Did you mention it to your friends via GMail, or let some other Google desktop application get a whiff of it?

Without a robots.txt entry, everything’s fair game to them.

no, it was a save directory where i put some backup data, while I worked on the real one - so no need for any access. I usually stash stuff outside of the web area, but that was just a temporary place to backup some files while I worked on new versions on the live area.

yes, I know how to traverse a web site with robots - I’ve written some, but still don’t know how it can list a directory that has a index.html file…and without listing it, it can’t find the names of random named directories within that first directory…

I created account on to control them.
I use Joomla and JoomlaWatch to see bots, etc…
Google was making my website so slow with more than 1000 requests! So I blocked some folders.

I did a Google search and it returned a sitemap file that lists a bunch of directories. Perhaps this is including directories that you did not intend.


duh, that’s it. Thanks!!

The auto sitemap software reveals all…and I didn’t put that in place and forgot it was there.

Thanks again!