How create a GMAIL after a Google account(Apps)


How create a GMAIL account after a Google account(Apps)?

  1. After having created the user account…

  2. How do I access this account into GMAIL account?

This is what I do.

I access
which is Google mail(google apps).

Under EMAIL I sign in the username password

What do I do next? to finish with a GMAIL account?

I have done 4 GMAIL accounts that way by luck and not by logic…

I have been asked to post a new thread

Help ?



Did you create one master (administrator) account at Google Apps for your domain? That account lets you add more email addresses.



Yes I did a create one master (administrator) account at Google Apps for your domain.
As the (administrator) of the account at Google Apps I created four email addresses.
(One at the time).
Each time I access this URL
The instructions of this page are:


I registered the first email address which the administrator account


I created the administrator account

A new web page comes up at
saying: Email beta - Updating…
Updating Google servers… This may take up to 1 hour to complete.

  • We are updating Google servers to enable email for your domain.

This is where I have the problem to go_into/start GMAIL.

May be the GMAIL servers are not ready yet…

May be I am too impatient…
Any help or sharing of difficulties appreciated…?