How configure Google Talk in Dreamhost?

Hello, first for all, sorry for my bad english, i don’t talk english :frowning:

well, i’m using Google for Domains, and i succefully configured Gmail, but the setting of Google Talks are differents, i search in the help and i found this page:

and my question is: how configure the “SRV” of my Website, i search in the DH Panel and i found some in this…

Domains > Manage Domains > > DNS > + Custom DNS record to

… what doing here?

can someone help me please.


I have it working for one of my domains.

Basically, if you just add the information they give you to the custom DNS records it should work within a day or two, once everything propagates around.

Set the Name field to _xmpp-server._tcp
Set type to SRV
Set the value to 20 0 5269

Once you setup everything, it should work properly.