How can we renew our domain quickly?

Our domain seems to have expired and we would like to get it renewed.
I have submitted a ticket yesterday, but have not heard back. We can’t log onto the service panel either…
Our ISP said that there was supposed to be an email prompting us to confirm the renewal, but we can’t find this email anywhere. It’s possible it was sent to someone who is no longer with the company…
Can someone at DH please help?
Our business is so dependent on getting our website (and associated emails) up and running again!
Thank you in advance!

Basically, you need panel access. Once you are in, you can renew with a click of a button on the registrations page. If you don’t have panel access, you need to file a ticket to be verified for access.

Person who set up the login is long gone and no way to retrieve the login for panel access.
We have filed two tickets yesterday, was just hoping we can expedite the process somehow…