How can people download stuff from my site?


Hey to all you whizzes, I want people to be able to download different things from my site – discounts, recipes, etc. Where do I start? Please explain in easy laymen’s terms. Thanks, Dee

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All you need to do is provide a link to the file on your web page.

This is a sample pdf

My website


Maybe you just want to post content via a blog like WordPress?

Here is an article on what blogs are from
Here is a forum with lots of example blogs.

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How/Where can I upload the file to Zeus/my server? Thanks for the details.


I think DH’s wiki has all the details. Please check on FTP section.

In one section of the wiki, if you more convenient using web browser you can use webftp to login to your server and start uploading file by web mechanism.

Hope this help :slight_smile:




Thanks Supernova.

I am still having problems getting this to work.

So far I uploaded the file to my server. Using this code from Silkrooster a couple of replies ago:

This is a sample pdf

  1. I tried plugging what I think is the correct info into this but it’s not working so how do I determine what the real URL is?

  2. Also does that “www” really belong before the “http” there?

  3. The “This is a sample pdf”, that is the visible text I’ll choose for the visitor to see and click, correct?

Thanks for your help.



This is a sample pdf

move the www


Sorry that was a typo.

My website


#3 yes you are correct. That is the text the visitor would see on your web page.

My website


Thanks everyone. I’ve been working on this every second I had a chance to at work today and feel stupid that I cant get this to work yet after all your replies. Here is what I’ve tried:

  1. I’m using YUMMY FTP. I uploaded a recipe to my site on the server. I tried plugging in what I think is the correct info into Silk’s HTML formula but am still having no luck.

  2. Then I tried the “Copy as URL” option that YUMMY has and I assumed this might be what I needed, but if I just copy the URL it provided me into a browser, this asks me for my Zeus password first before I can download, which I won’t want a visitor to do. And anyway when I plug it into Silk’s HTML formula then test it with a Download Recipe button on my site, it doesn’t work for me anyway. Grrr, what am I doing wrong?

Also, in Silk’s HTML formula, I don’t want it to read anything because the button image I created has words on it, so would I just end the HTML with .pdf">? Or with .pdf"/a>? Or how?

Thanks again,


Where do you upload it ? When you logging in you should see your home folder & your site’s folder inside it. Do you upload to just your home folder or your site’s folder instead ?




I first had the PDF inside of a “Recipe_Archive” folder which was located inside my site’s folder. Finally I’ve tried just putting the PDF itself directly inside my home folder.


Hm… than if you have that Recipe_Archive folder and your html inside the root of the site folder. Than your html’s code should look like this :

Text for PDF link

But just to make sure if you really put on your site’s folder, Let me have an example for you to find your folder info. If your DH user account is “user_dee” and your domain is “” then here what I would do :

  1. Login into your panel (
  2. Goto Domains=>Manage Domains and click edit for your domain.
  3. Look for Specify your web directory: value. Usually it is /home/username/domain, thus with my example the web folder would be /home/user_dee/

After you know your home folder (which is /home/user_dee) and your web folder (which is /home/user_dee/ then login again to your server using ftp and start upload your files (html, pdf, images) within the web folder.

Hope it helps, btw… what is your website name actually ?




Oh sorry, my website is If you Enter it, you’ll be taken straight to my About Me page. Scroll to the bottom to click the BAKE link and you’ll see the recipe and my “Download Recipe” button I created and am trying to work with. Thanks, I’m going to work through your last instructions now…


Ok, suppose your pdf file is “recipe.pdf” and you upload it to your site’s folder. Then add a link to the button.

I have viewed your page source and you should modify this line :

[color=#0000CC]<img src=":: BAKE :: URBAN CUPCAKE_files/shapeimage_26.png" alt=“Download Recipe " title=”" id=“id27” style="height: 27px; left: 783px; position: absolute; top: 660px; width: 174px; z-index: 1; " />

to :


[color=#0000CC]<img src=":: BAKE :: URBAN CUPCAKE_files/shapeimage_26.png" alt=“
Download Recipe " title=”" id=“id27” style="height: 27px; left: 783px; position: absolute; top: 660px; width: 174px; z-index: 1; " />

with green text as additional one.

Btw, your site need to be optimized as there are so many images which is not necessary. But, it just me. Just make your site functional and it is a good website then :slight_smile:

Hope this helps !




SUPERNOVA, thanks for the comp :slight_smile: I kno, it’s totally unuser-friendly right now but intentional. Visitors are usually only able to see my ABOUT page and no further but I opened up the BAKE link so you could see what I was talking about. Once I have my store page finished I’ll open up the the entire site and home page.

Anyway, I’ve only been using iWeb to create this and drap/dropping images in which is why it’s all images. I’m not writing any real HTML really, definitely nothing in my page source! which is why I think even your last post didn’t help me either :frowning: because I’m using iWeb (?)

Up until now, a program I downloaded called “iWeb Enhancer” has been letting me add code to iWeb then “enhancing” it as they call it and it’s been working with different PayPal codes and eBay codes, etc. but just not with this download PDF code. I’m stumped so next I’ll try writing the Enhancer people for addtl help.

My last question for you though is you mentioned I needed to optimize my site. Is this what will shorten the loading time for all my pages, because of all the images? What does optimize mean and how can I do it? And/or is it even possible using iWeb? Otherwise I’d love anyone’s recommendation on a much better site builder that’s easy, both Html & Drag/Drop friendly but also free to inexpensive.

Thanks for your patience and all your help!



That img src=":: BAKE :: URBAN CUPCAKE_files/shapeimage_26.png" part isn’t really valid either; spaces are not valid characters in URLs, and I don’t think colons are a good idea other than in places where they’re syntactically needed like the “http:” part. You should give your subdirectories names without funny characters in them.

– Dan


Thanks Dan. Someone else once brought that up and it’s on my list of “Things to do but have been to lazy to get too” Now that someone’s noticed, guess I should :wink: Dee


Thanks everyone! I finally got this working, going all the way back to the original reply & HTML code from Silkrooster which was perfect.

My problem turned out to be that I was trying to create a button AND use the code with it, but iWeb wasn’t havin’ that. I’ll have to figure out how to create download button links some other day but for the interim, using the code alone for a simple text link is working perfectly.

Thanks again!