How can I use ZoneEdit + Dreamhost for my domain?

I’d like to keep my domain nameserver’s pointed to ZoneEdit because I have several subdomains that use dynamic ip addresses.

However, I need,, and to point to Dreamhost. I can manually configure the DNS A records but will this work OK?

I’ve also OneClick installed MediaWiki and created “” and it warned me that I MUST use Dreamhost’s DNS servers. Why? I can also create a DNS A record for this as well.

Finally, what exactly is “”? It seems to direct me to PhpMyAdmin… (which is bad since it doesn’t prompt for a password!)

Alarm Bells. Delete it immediately and readd, then please inform Support about that!

Easy One-Clicks aren’t hosted in your userspace. You’ll need to install via Advanced One-Click or manually install the script yourself.

You can use any service you like to point at your domains. Be aware that the IPs for your sites may be different from each other, and that they may change from time to time without notice.

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