How can i upgrade MySQL to use mysqli?

In phpmyadmin, I can see that my version of mysql uses the mysql extension, not mysqli.

I’d like to upgrade this, so that I can use mysqli functions in php code.

How do I upgrade to the mysqli? When I log into the database panel, I don’t see this option.

Hmm, this is a little confusing. Let me explain.

“mysql” and “mysqli” are two PHP extensions which can be used to connect to a MySQL server. We have both of them installed on all versions of PHP that we currently provide, so which one an application uses is up to the way it’s designed (and/or configured).

With that in mind, you should already be able to use the “mysqli” extension to connect to a DreamHost MySQL server. There’s no extra setup needed.

thanks, Andrew. I’m getting a failure notice when I use mysqli, and I notice in my phpmysql configuration panel that it states: PHP extension: mysql. . .

That message just means that phpMyAdmin (which is itself a PHP application) is using the mysql extension to connect to MySQL. That doesn’t mean that mysqli isn’t available or anything, it just means that phpMyAdmin isn’t configured to use it!

Can you give us an example of the code you’re trying to use? (Make sure to blank out the password, of course.)

hi Andrew,
well thank you for the explanation! It seems to be working now. On to new errors!