How can I turn off my site?

Is there a way to turn off my site (the whole subdomain) temporarily without deleting the contents?

You could use htaccess to create a redirect that will redirected all your web pages to a single web page that has a message about your site being down.
Once your site is finished delete that htaccess file.
RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z0-9-]+).html$ closed.html [R]
Upload the .htaccess into the top most directory you want redirected, this effects all subdirectories.
If this don’t work, then maybe someone more qualified can help. lol.

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Another ‘quick and dirty’ method is to simply rename the web accessible directory for the domain. This isn’t as ‘friendly’ as silk’s method, as it will generate a ‘404’ error for any attempted accesses.


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If you delete the sub-domain from the web-panel it not remove your data, meaning you simply have to re-add the subdomain to re-enable access when you are ready

If you use this method you should be aware that it can take some time for the A-Records associated with the sub-domain to be deleted from the DNS and while they are still present you will be unable to re-add the sub-domain.

In-fact, occasionally there is a system ‘glitch’ and these records are not deleted at all. Just today I had to request that such A-Records be deleted from a domain of mine, so that I could re-add a previously deleted sub-domain.


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You can also just select “Parked” on the domain manager and a new DH Coming soon page will be displayed.


Maybe this:

.htaccess in your subdomain:

redirect 302 /

The sorry file (or whatever you name it) could just say “sorry, subdomain BLAH is not currently available.”

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