How can I stop a trolling bot?

I seem to have a bot coming from 2 ip addresses
that is exhaustively asking for files. It seems to be going through every sensible combination of page names for how I have a joomla site configured (/content/view/128/1 and on up through the numbers for example).

Denying it from .htaccess does not seem to work.

Does anyone know of another way?

Thanks in advance

htaccess should work. That’s the way to do it. This should be at the top:

order allow,deny
deny from
deny from
allow from all

If you want to test to see if it’s actually working, add your own IP address in.


Thanks Scott

That is almost exactly what I had before, only it was at the --bottom-- of my htaccess file.

That seems to make the difference for this bot, well, numerically escalating get requests from those ip addresses seem to have stopped.

p.s. the bottom of the file seemed to work for other nuisances before.

p.p.s, from a practical standpoint, what is the difference between allow, deny and deny, allow?