How can I setup my non hosted domain?

I get into the control panel and go to domains->registrations, in there I have the domain, or what is the same
/index.cgi?tree=domain.registration& , here I have my domain, and the only thing I can make is click on it, then I have the whois, I go to the page bottom and click in modify whois, but there I have no option for mx record and can’t redirecto to the ip address where I’m hosting the web

Do I make something wrong?, is there any other place in the control panel to make this changes?, I think it’s needless to say this is the first time I register a domain and try to redirect it, I have good computer skills, but no experience with domains and registration, any help would be appreciated

You need to buy a Hosting package in order to have DNS (for MX records) or space for your website.

If you want to redirect, you need DNS services. Again, you’ll either need hosting here, or find a place that will let you set up DNS. Sometimes the place where your site is will let you set up DNS.


so with the option I have bought I have no way to redirect the domain to any ip?

The DNS settings for each domain are in Panel > Manage Domains.

You’ll only see this if you have a hosting account.

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No, not here. You’ll need to purchase DNS services elsewhere. Google for “dns services” to find a bunch; some of them free.


ok, thx for all responses

one last thing, my isp blocks port 25, so I cant receive email, in MX record can I put myip:26 to make smtp get me by port 26?

Tell your email client to connect to port 587 instead of port 25.

:cool: -//-

but how will the mail server sending me an email know they have to make it through 587?, have I got to put myip:587 in my MX record?

No, port 587 is just an alternate port for mail setup here.

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and how can I change smtp traffic from port 25 to any other?
changing the MX record?, if so, what should I put in there?

This user isn’t hosted here. Just the domain registration.

As your site is hosted elsewhere, it sounds like it’s at your home, where you can’t receive Port 25 traffic. DNS doesn’t determine which port is used for what. If your Port 25 is blocked, every client and mail server trying to connect to you has to connect to a non-standard port. Not surprisingly, this can’t realistically be done. A legitimate mail server has to run on Port 25 in order to receive mail.

If my assumption is correct and you’re hosted with another host, then they’re running Port 25 for your outbound mail. It’s up to them to offer a non-standard port for cases such as yours and you’d have to find out from them if they offer an alternate port.