How can i set up a cron job?


hello Sorry Im kind of new to the forum and never had set up a cron job. I have a joomla site and i need to set up a cron job. The problem is when i go to my Dreamhost CP Cron job, create a new cron job. I see User:(shell users only!) so i can not save the command. Can somebody explain it to me or help me setting up a cron job.


Sounds like your user is configured as an FTP only user. If you have full panel access you can change this yourself in the manage Users section. (note: a shell user also has ftp access, just not vice versa).


Hi thank you sorry I just saw this massage and decide to try the step you said but when I go to manage user I see two user I believe one for each Site Im hosting in DH. One of these user its set as Type: sftp the other one its set as ftp. But when I go to goodies, cron job, create new con job. User:
(shell users only!) Now here on the drop down arrow Non of my user are showing… Any Idea why?


You can go to manage domains in the panel look at the “web hosting” column to see which user is configured for which domains.

Then that user will need to be edited under “manage users” so that it has shell access (as stated before, a user with shell access will also have SFTP and/or FTP access, but not the other way around).