How can I quickly move data between plans?


I’ve written to billing; I’m way overquota on one of my plans. I bought 2 more, but they’re essentially empty. (I’ve stopped uploading to the over-quota one.) May I propose that you’re not “over quota” until all your space is used? I know the web panel isn’t set up to do that.

My connection keeps timing out ftp’ing the data down to my computer (crappy provider, not Dreamhost.) And yet, I must get this taken care of pronto; charges are eating me alive.

What I’d like to do is move my photos over to another domain(s) on my “new” plan(s) and “load balance” them so I’m not over quota anywhere. Then remove them from my over-quota plan. Then revise the html to point to them in the new location. I intend to leave mail and the domains themselves right where they are to alleviate trouble.

Will, I know you’ve written about how much transfers between plans cause trouble…got any solutions? (Preferably me just logging into telnet and “somehow” transferring the data over; so it stay’s “at Dreamhost.”)



Not quite sure I follow here.
Can you clarify what you mean? Do you mean allowing sharing of quota between multiple plans under a single account?

And I have to ask… how much space are you using that you are going over your quota? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to maybe combine stuff on a single higher priced plan that comes with more disk space?

Are we talking about different plans and different accounts, or just different plans under one account?

I intend to leave mail and the domains themselves right where they are to alleviate trouble.

Will, I know you’ve written about how much transfers between plans cause trouble…got any solutions? (Preferably me just logging into telnet and “somehow” transferring the data over; so it stay’s “at Dreamhost.”)[/quote]
Moving the data between plans isn’t the difficult thing - it’s actually moving domains between accounts / plans that’s tricky (in terms of our system). As long as you’re not actually going to move from one plan to another (and it sounds like you’re not), no problem.

Moving data between our servers is easy and fast. Just use scp, rsync or ftp directly between the two servers. Since it’s all staying within our network, this is much preferable to downloading / re-uploading them. Personally I’d be likely to use rsync for this.

If the users are on the same machine it’s even easier - just copy the data (from the command line).


I’m “over quota” on a Strictly Business plan. Basically I’m using the service as an off-site file repository for my digital photography. (Tons and tons of CD’s everywhere around the house.) So, under the sale I added two Code Monkey plans. I have multiple plans under a single account. (I know I paid a setup fee for each Code Monkey plan, separate “users”, etc. but I get billed under one account.)

On the move, yes, initially I was simply going to move the entire domain to one plan and another full domain to the other one. (Other domains are fine on quota.) But, after reading about problems I came up with the “Plan B”. Thanks for offering some solutions; I assume the syntax is in the knowledgebase.

I’ve been so busy with my “day job” and a lot of side work, but the overage charges have now got my full attention. I technically should be on a dedicated plan, but can’t commit to the recurring charges and the almost certain necessity to move everything. Maybe someday…



Wow - that’s an expensive way to go… not that I don’t like us making money, but depending on your needs, you might want to find a cheaper way to go (do you just need off-site storage, or do you need it to be accessible on the web by other people too?)

A dedicated machine would be a much better deal. As far as the moves go, we generally take care of the moves when you’re signing up for a dedicated plan, though I’m not sure if there would be a fee involved in moving 3 separate accounts). As far as the charges themselves, never hurts to write into sales / support and see - maybe they’ll hook you up with a better deal on a dedicated plan. It’s also possible that we’d be able to work out some sort of special deal for your disk space (though we don’t normally do that anymore).

I wouldn’t assume that. :>
The man pages have some examples that might be helpful, or I’m sure people here could offer some examples. Rsync works really well - the main thing to watch out for is that including / not including the trailing slash on directories can make a big difference.

Something like this would work:
rsync -auv ~/

(transfer the entire contents (recursively) of on the local machine to a remote machine

This assumes you’re on the machine for domain 1 ( in the example) and that you’re transferring them to the machine for domain 2 (, and that “user” is your username on the machine for It also assumes that your domains are in a directory with the same name - this makes the example more confusing to read, but it’s the normal convention on our system.

That make sense?

I’ve been thinking about switching to one of the on-sale Code Monster plans, too. I currently have 2 domains (should be 3 as of tonight, but I may have screwed up adding one). If I purchase a Code Monster plan, would this be the simplest way to migrate to it:

  1. buy new plan under the current account
  2. set up mirroring of the existing domains
  3. from existing:

rsync -avz ~/user/

  1. stop mirroring (maybe tar it up first, just in case – "Rule #1: Never go from A to B without a way back to A. Rule #2: Never violate Rule #1. :slight_smile:
  2. delete domain from current plan
  3. add domain to new plan
  4. allow current plan to expire

Or would the above just cause headaches and misery for tech support when it blows up on me?

You can’t “mirror” across accounts.

There’s no really good way to do what you describe - it would almost definitely require some manual intervention from support and / or some downtime or other problems.

However, my understanding from the last Code Monster plan, is that you can upgrade / downgrade to this plan from the webpanel (with your existing account), which would probably be much easier for all parties involved.

Thanks, will. I’ll check that out; I prefer easy.

How long should it take for an added domain to show up under the “Domains => Manage” tab in the webpanel, or in the account summary?

I read somewhere in the FAQs that it would take 15 minutes to 1 hour to show up in the account and for the directory to be created, though it might take up to 72 hours to show up on the web.

Just ignore my last question about adding domains; I just went through the procedure on the webpanel again and it worked perfectly. I messed up somewhere when I tried it last night because then it never gave me the confirmation that it did just now.