How can i put my site on google search?


I’ve have one site and when i make a search in google, this don’t show any results, i try with some key kords and the exact domain but doesn’t show anything :/. What can i do for my site be one of results of google?

This is for ‘Free Domain WHOIS Privacy’? i have to make public the information?, and what kind information will be public, only my e-mail an name? or everything else, like credit card, address, phone number?

Sorry for my bad english.




Have your site linked by sites that ARE on Google and just sit back and wait.

There is no way to “submit” a site to Google. It replies completely on links from websites to spider the web for any new site.

yerba# rm -rf /etc


Thanks :).

I’ve the doubt for this ‘Free Domain WHOIS Privacy’ i’m glad to know this isn’t the problem :).



No need to worry about the WHOIS privacy thing. That is just for the conveniance of us humans. It is just an address like any other address and machines know no difference. We could use one address for every domain in the world and it still would not affect listings.
Do not add too many keywords because Google bot will spot those!


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Hi Carlos,

Well, everyone is looking to know how. “How do I get my website listed in Google?”

Well, I have spent years working and researching, trail and error, and have figured Google out, pretty well, in my opinion. If you search for ‘antiques’, one of my customers, today, is number 4 out of 111 million results. ‘antique furniture’, we are number 3 out of 21 million. These are not by chance and I cannot tell you how much time I have put in to figure this out.

Anyway, there are quite a few technical things that you want to have setup properly on your web pages, as well, Google likes link popularity, so it is important to have other websites linked to your website. I wrote some software that helps manage links, actually, I am currently re-writing it in PHP and MYSQL. Anyway, I recommend making a list of websites that you can link to that will link back to you, for starters.

What is your domain and how familiar with computers are you?