How can I preview site before moving DNS?

I already have a working site up for the domain I want to move over so when I signed up with my Dreamhost account I chose “I already have a domain name, I just want Dreamhost to host it”.

But I still had to put in a url during the sign up process for what url did I want to host so I put in my url.

I was able to get files up but now, BEFORE I change my DNS from pointing to my – still working old server – I want ot make sure the new site is all moved over properly.

How do I do that?

I tried creating a mirror site called but it still says I must change my DNS first.

Help! :slight_smile:

I MIGHT have figured this out… on the example wiki page the graphic says to make a subdomain for BUT the text has an example for I just tried making a mirror subdomain with dreamhosters so we’ll see if that works.

The wiki is your friend: