How can I pass through a registration again


I provided wrong information about credit card during registration and I did not find where to change it. After that I created new billing account and deleted my first billing account with host But while adding new hosting plan for new account I specified same host and got error: “This domain “…” is already in our system!” but I deleted account with this domain. May be it’s better to delete whole registration and start from begining…

What’s up with support team? I post my first ticket 8 hours ago :frowning:


The problem is its showing as a new account. I don’t think there is anything simple you can do to fix it and you would just have to wait for support to sort it out.

The only way I can see would be to set up a new account at full price but as I cannot guarantee this would work I wouldn’t try it.
It may just give the same problem. A domain added to an account which used a promo code cannot then be used on another account.

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You’ve already contacted Support. Their policy is to try to respond in 24 hours, so you’ll have to wait and hope they get to you soon. Don’t muck with it more since they’ll have to clean up anything that’s in the system before you can proceed.



Thanks a lot. Sorry for mucking. I’m nervous newbie…