How can I make a "Recommend to a Friend" form?


My client would like me to make a form on her website, “Recommend to a Friend.” on this website . I already have it up but it’s not working properly.

Just like I have seen it on other sites, it would send an email that says the persons name would like to recommend this website to you.

The problem that I think I have is that using the Dreamhost formmail, it will only send to a Dreamhost email account.

Can someone please tell me how I can do this?

Many thanks in advance!,

Not that I’ve tried this, but can it just go to a forwarding (or fully hosted w/forwarding) address on your DreamHost domain?

What I think Anthony is after here is a form that will allow a visitor to specify an arbitrary email address to send the page to, possibly with a customizable message.

Scripts like this used to be popular, but setting one up nowadays is a very bad idea. Why? Spam. Virtually without fail, any script which can be used to send an email to an arbitrary recipient will be abused, and will get Karl angry at you. And you don’t want that.

Oh yeah, duh. I get it now. You can create a mailto: link which will pop up a new mail message in their mail program of choice. You can pre-plug in most of the info and leave it up to them to finish the To: field.

Thank you very much for the responses. Now I understand about the spam thing, yeah your right. And for the mailto: it seems like many people don’t have their mail program set up. I guess I will just omit this feature :frowning: . Thank you very much for the help though!! :slight_smile: