How can I give someone FTP access?

I’ve created an ftp account for him but when he uploads stuff it doesn’t go to my account and when I log into his ftp account via an ftp client I don’t even see my root directory.


Timely post; I just set this up for a client today.

When you created an account for him, it created a directory like so:


so let’s say username created was jonsmith

his files now go to /home/jonsmith/

Now, on your domain, you want to remap a subdirectory lets say directorytomap to point to


to point to his space where he is uploading the files…

So at the web panel, under your account, Domains, Remap Sub-dir.

In the Fully-hosted URL to remap: pull down your domain. In the box afterward, type the subdomain you want your friend to have ftp access to.

Have your friend FTP under the new user. When he logs in, have him create your domain name as a folder (Example: Get into that folder and make the directory you said you wanted to remap (yourfolder). Upload the files into that folder.

If you go to: you’ll see the files he uploaded.

Full details about the issues are in the wiki (click here)

I’m working on several things as I write this, so if something didn’t become clear, feel free to write me back here and I’ll re-state it.



thanks mate! worked flawlessly.