How can i get my Own DNS?


i’am not that really good but is there anyway we can get our own DNS ?

Thankyou verymuch :slight_smile:

you’d have to set up your own server.

You can edit your DNS entries here on DH. What are you trying to do - or why do you want your own DNS?


Before I post a link, some caveats:
1…If you don’t have a reasonably excellent knowlege of how DNS works, don’t even attempt to screw around with it.
2…If you’re going to dork around with DNS in order to evade some of DH’s policies regarding hosting and such, you may find yourself looking for a new WHP.

That being said, you can rent your own DNS records from - they also provide dynamic DNS, which you might find useful if your DHCP provider allows that sort of thing.

You should explain what exactly you’re trying to do or what your intended results are.

If you want custom nameserver aliases (like, this is possible - for a fee.

If you want to use outside DNS servers to point to your site, the easiest way to do this is to add a unique IP to your site.