How can I get FTP access to a subdomain?

I have the domain name , currently running Wordpress. Due to being a clueless newbie, I installed Wordpress to the subdomain (for now, I’m working around this with a redirect).

I’m trying to get FTP access to WordPress via Filezilla, but it seems I can only get to – NOT to, where I actually have the WordPress software installed.

How can I get FTP access to so I can change stuff with my WordPress software?

(You can see my similar post on the WordPress forum here: . They seem to think it’s a Dreamhost issue.)


If you did the Easy One-Click install, as opposed to the Advanced one, then you don’t get FTP access to that installation. Easy installs are hosted on another server outside of your home directory and are maintained by DreamHost.

What is it that you’re trying to do? Move it to your main domain?


I’d love to move it to the main domain if there’s a way, but if not, I’m fine with my redirect.

What I’m trying to do is install a WordPress plugin. I need FTP access to their wp-content/plugins folder, and since I installed WordPress into , that’s where I’d find that folder. Logging into the FTP account for just doesn’t show me that.