How can I find out the status of my registration transfer


I am in the process of transferring a domain registration (hat is owned by someone else) and I know it is supposed to take a few days. But, is there a way that I can find out the current status of the transfer and monitor it along the way so that I know when to expect it to complete? I am trying to plan some work that I have to do after the transfer is complete, so I would like find out how much more time I have before the transfer completes.


Some registrars do show “Pending Transfer” on the public WHOIS, so you can track the status of the transfer that way. But, you can always contact us and we can make sure it’s being done properly. The transfer process really only requires the approval to be done and then it should take up to a few days to complete. As long as it was approved via that email, it should complete.

I’ve gone ahead and emailed you some more info to the email address associated with this forum account as well. Please don’t hesitate to reply to the email if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!

Details vary depending on the TLD but, roughly speaking, the process (after the transfer has been requested and paid for and the requestor has supplied the authorization key to the gaining registrar) is something like this:

(1) Authorization key has been validated by the registry
(2) email has been sent to the losing account holder
(3) the transfer has been approved by the losing account holder
(4) email has been sent to the gaining account holder
(5) the transfer has been approved by the gaining account holder
(6) final approval of the transfer has been received from the registry
(7) the gaining registrar has added the domain to the account of the gaining account holder.

If losing and gaining registrars are both using state of the art technology, the whole process can easily be completed in 15 minutes.

Progress through these 7 steps is best tracked by the gaining registrar. My favourite registrar creates a table showing each of these steps, where each step is marked with a red cross, which changes to a green tick as soon as that step is completed, and with a clickable button on each step so the requestor can ask for that step to be re-tried if it seems that something got stuck.